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Jan 9, 2012


Well, I made it safe to the island of Grenada! I'm enjoying my time here so far! My companion is Sister Fish and she's been here since we left the MTC.  She's been showing me around and introducing me to all of the people here.  The apartment is nice and had a great view of the ocean.  The water here is beautiful! Its a light turquiose color and there is a pristine white sand beach just down from our apartment.  We live next door to the church, which is very nice.  I haven't had too many mosquito bites yet, but the locals say I will become aquainted with them soon.  They have "special" mosquitos here that love to bite everybody a lot.  LOL I guess we'll see.  We had a great weekend and we taught a few lessons on Sunday.  I hope we can keep up the pace and continue teaching lessons and finding new people to teach through the week.

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