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Jul 30, 2011

It's Getting Closer!!

I can hardly believe that I get home from Florida in 12 days and I go into the MTC in 18 days!!! This also means that I turn 23 in 13 days and I get my MTC address for my birthday!! :-D Holy Cow! Time is passing by so fast! I still have so much to do! I ordered my shoes, and they arrived at my house yesterday, so that's one more thing I can check off of my to-do list. I have to start packing up my stuff here in Orlando and making sure I can fit my things into my suitcases LOL. My farewell talk is almost written... I have quotes and stories, now I just need to arrange them with my thoughts so they are coherent and will fit into the 20 minute limit I was given. Right now, I think I have so many things I can say with my topic I could probably speak for an hour. LOL.

Jul 26, 2011

Nervous Anticipation!

Oh my goodness! I looked up the MTC website to see if they had my entry date posted. They did and I found out I enter the MTC at 1:25pm on August 17th! This is totally crazy! I can't believe that it is so close that I actually know the time I go in! I have the nervous butterflies again just like I did the day I opened my call! If you can't tell, I'm very excited!!! ;-) (I seem to be over-using exclamation points lol) I've got my farewell talk topic and I've been working on that too. Life is getting crazy busy now! I feel like there is still so much to do and so little time to do it in! But, I know that if I had another 6 months to prepare, I would still feel the same way LOL