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Sep 26, 2011

Awesome Adventures in Calliaqua

Well, this last week was awesome! Sister Shrestha and I taught quite a few people and the members here are helping us a lot.  I've been driving here in St. Vincent for about 2 weeks now and its not quite as scary as it was the first week.  I just get a little bit confused when I drive in Kingston - there are no traffic lights, and several one way streets.  I'm just glad they have traffic cops here to help out.  LOL.  Anyway, I really love it here in St. Vincent and the people are very nice.  I've been learning a lot about being a missionary, and I love my companion. I really appreciate having a patient companion who is willing to help train me into the best missionary I can be.  I'm very grateful for everything that we've been able to do so far and I'm very excited for the next few months as I continue my service here in the West Indies.

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