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Oct 3, 2011

General Conference in St. Vincent

General Conference here was really fun! We went to the branch meeting house in Kingston to watch the broadcast over satellite.  Sister Shrestha and I were able to watch the General Relief Society broadcast on Saturday morning and Music and the Spoken Word on Sunday morning.  That was really fun! I have missed watching Music and the Spoken word each week like I did in the MTC so that was extra special.  Then to be able to watch General Conference together as a district (both branches in St. Vincent) was very neat.  Anyways, last week was pretty good.  Sister Shrestha and I taught lessons to lots of people, and some of them invited us back.  We found this really adorable lady to teach, and she's really funny.  The answers she gives us are very random.  Usually she says "Yes, mum" when we address her.  And the last lesson we taught her, she answered every question with, "And the ones who do His will, will be placed on the right hand of God and be able to come inside and everyone else will be on the left hand and have to stay outside.  Am I right or am I wrong?"  The third time she said that, Sister Shrestha and I nearly started laughing.  Oh, and to begin the prayer at the beginning of the lesson, she said, "Good afternoon..." I had to bite my lip to keep from actually laughing.  I love this lady and I can't wait to go teach her again this week.   Well, that's all for now.  More next week ^_^

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